His big personality, big voice, and cheeky line in comedy has seen him perform at many a varied function.   From Holiday Park cabaret, to after dinner appearances alongside various sporting celebrities, and performances for the Armed forces he has had equal success.  In recent years he has become a popular choice of Guest act  onboard  Thomson Cruises and Island Cruises

Greg Suggit


Greg Suggitt is a Wiltshire-based stand-up comedian from Trowbridge whose act is a unique blend of rib-tickling West Country humour and song suitable for the open minded adult and not a swearword to be heard.  Greg and his wealth of comedy material suits all age groups and his comedy nights include one-liners, put-downs, anecdotes, monologues and original comedy songs. Greg prides himself in that you don't have to swear to get a laugh!

Gary Kemsley


This cheeky comedian has brilliant timing and is well known to adult audiences but can play to most venues. You will be assured of a great show and many laughs every time…..  Gary has been working the comedy circuit for over 25 years; he has performed at Corporate Events, Comedy Stores, Holiday Parks & Cruises, Hotel Functions, Theatres, Workingmen’s Clubs, and After Dinners all over the country as well as international destinations of Germany, Tenerife, Egypt, Spain and The Balearic Islands.

Martin Smith


Described in the ‘Stage’ Newspaper as ‘.....a cross between Bob Monkhouse and Richard Digance’, his strength as an Entertainer lies in his well-known ability to get the crowd warmed up and involved very quickly, and importantly, his skill in adapting - anything from a small informal gathering right up to the largest of functions.


Lenny Dee


Lenny Dee has established himself over the last 20 years as an oustanding comedic talent, he also sings a bit but only on request.     His comedic talents have taken him all of the world and he has performed in Cyprus, Rhodes, Lanzarote, Dubai to mention a few.     He has apeared on the Ealmon Holmes show and is regularly booked as a warm up comedian for many television shows throughout the UK.

Tank Sherman


Stand-up and sit down comedy at its best. Tank prides himself in the fact that his act never contains a swear word. Why should it? Funny is funny, end of! He is at home in front of a family audience, or in front of adults, or his television in his lounge. With his own stupid observations on life, stories about his family and friends, his work, self penned gags (and some he wrote with his mates biro), Tank WILL make you laugh. This award winning comedian - (one of them wasn't just for swimming, oh no, he had to tread water in his jim-jams for 2 minutes as well!) also has a great singing voice

David St John


Fast moving comedy, plus impressions and vocals where needed, always adapting his act to suit the type of venue.  His act is a good mix, suitable for all age groups, including topical gags, straight out of the morning papers! Themed shows for various parts of the year and customised to fit the evening, so variety and versatility describe this artiste. Also in demand as the perfect comedian/compere for any type of show, and running a smooth night

Jay McGee


Background   Jay began his career as a Butlins Red Coat at the tender age of 16 after lying about his age! His “raw” talent was nurtured here and then later at various other classic venues, including Warners.  This was when the comedy began to take form and Jay developed his unique style, vocal impressions and passion!  Jay’s versatility allows him to captivate a variety of audiences, from families to cruise ships, to corporate events; Jay adapts his visual personal and unique comedy leaving many in tears of laughter.  While he can be a bit saucy, there will be no swearing and he will never be blue; Jay believes real laughter doesn’t need this!